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Travertine Sealing Services

Premiere Paver Sealing is a full service brick paver and travertine cleaning & sealing company, serving the Sarasota Bradenton area. Many local homeowners, area builders, and paver contractors rely on Premiere Paver Sealing's expertise in travertine cleaning and sealing for their own projects. We recommend cleaning and sealing the travertine after installing it, but before grouting. Grout residue can get embedded in the joints, cracks, and low spots of the travertine and cannot be properly cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals that risk damage to the travertine.

travertine sealing sarasota bradentonWe take pride in offering our customers the best brick paver and travertine services available. Your paver restoration project will be specifically tailored to your wants and needs. After precisely measuring and examining your pavers, you will be provided with an estimate and a plan to complete your restoration project that fits your budget and schedule. Please view the above tabs for more information or to schedule a fast, free estimate.

Seal 'n Lock paver sealing products were developed here in the Tampa Bay area and formulated for Florida's climate. Seal & Lock truly delivers the highest quality sealers in the business. We would not put our name and reputation on anything less than the best paver sealing product available to get your job done right.

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If you're planning on having a travertine pool deck, patio, or driveway installed, be sure your contractor is coordinating the project with a sealing professional.